Tuesday, June 17, 2008

27 Dresses, or maybe just 5

So, Hannah and I went on a shopping spree today. We stormed Walmart and Marshall's for the best deals we could find on dresses. Hannah would wear a dress every day if we had enough and the poor child has only had one dress to wear since Christmas. (Can you imagine the hardship?) So we did what any sane girl would do and we went out to find the best deals money could buy...then we came home and had a fashion show! What fun! Sadly, we can't keep them all and two of them don't fit, but it was still a productive trip. Hannah wanted to take pictures so that Daddy could see his princess in all her dresses when he got home.

For those of you who don't know, when Hannah is wearing a dress, she is a princess. This is what we have been told. She doesn't say this with any vain conceit. It's just a matter of fact and from where I'm standing, it's good to know.

In the Eagle's Nest

Hannah and Ellie were invited to go to the zoo with their good friends Jacob and Hannah Cole earlier in the spring. It was a fun day and the kids all lasted for an extraordinarily long time. Anyhow, I just ran across the picture and decided to post it. This was a miracle shot in which all four kids were happy and looking at, okay at least facing the camera, so it deserves to be blogged about!

Time Out

The joys of sibling rivalry came with a little spat between sisters today. They both hit each other, so they both had to spend some time in time out. It was really funny. I doubt that either of them got the point of being disciplined with mommy taking pictures of them. (By the way, Hannah is wearing an infant bonnet...she insisted that I tie it on her. Gotta love her sense of style.)