Friday, October 3, 2008

The trouble with Benjamin...

Well, life is never boring. Just before Hurricane Ike made its way to Houston, my doctor put me on bed rest. It seems that my body is more ready to have Benjamin out than Benjamin is ready to be out! I had dilated 1cm at 26 weeks. Crazy. So, as many women have done before me, I am on my behind for a total of 9 weeks. We even got to make a trip to labor and delivery the following day. Benjamin and I got a couple doses of steroids and I was sent home the next evening with a Terbutaline pump (which delivers meds into my leg 24/7) to keep me from contracting so much and a home contraction monitor. What fun!

If we learn nothing else from this experience, we will come away knowing how loved and blessed we are. God has put people in our lives who are so willing to take care of us. We've had friends bring food, take our kids and provide moral support. My mom has come to stay with us and is keeping my house better than I ever did...not to mention feeding us with great food! Andrew's parents have been so helpful in taking the kids when Mom needed to go home for a few days. I don't know how we could have done this without all the support and prayers from friends and family.

So, one of the perks of all this craziness is that we got to see a Perinatologist this past week and were able to see little Ben in 3D. What a cool thing - especially this far along. We've decided he's definitely got some Portele in him. I hope that he gets some of Andrew's features (eyes, for one).

The doctor reassured us that this little guy should make it to at least 35 weeks if we keep doing what we're doing. It was a relief to hear that. So, our scanner isn't working, but here's a picture of the ultrasound photo. Hopefully you can make out his face.

Trip to Sheboygan, WI and Chicago!

The trip to Sheboygan was a lot of fun. We got to spend time with almost all the Graesser's. Jason and Brandy couldn't make it and they were missed.

We got to meet baby Katelyn! She's a sweetheart. We were able to be there for her baptism. It had to be the smoothest baptism I've ever seen. Katelyn slept through everything! We also got to spend some time at Mel and Dave's house. They have made it into a wonderful home. Thanks for having us Mel and Dave!

Then we spent a couple days in Chicago before going home. It was fun going to the Navy Pier. The girls really enjoyed the rides. We got to do a little shopping on Michigan Avenue and spent some time at Millennium Park. We also took a little sunset cruise on the lake. Ellie screamed the whole time, but it was quite a view of the Chicago skyline. Too bad the camera died. Sadly, we have no pictures of that. We rode the bus a lot. The girls loved that it was so bumpy...wish I could say the same for myself! are the pictures.

Hannah holding Ellie for take-off out of Houston. The girls did great on the plane. Neither of them has acquired an "inside voice", but at least they weren't screaming!

All the Graesser cousins hanging out at Aunt Mel and Uncle Dave's house. Hannah loved being around all the babies! From left to right: Peter (Michael and Kim's son), Katelyn (Mel and Dave's daughter), Hannah and Ellie.

Katelyn's Baptism. Katelyn wore the same gown that Melissa wore when she was baptized.

Hannah and Ellie on the ferris wheel at the Navy Pier in Chicago.

Some of you haven't seen me recently...this is my belly pic at 24 weeks! Haha...we took this at Millennium park at the great big jelly bean (you can see it at We had fun taking some goofy pictures. By we I mean Andrew and me...the girls slept through the whole thing. At least we can still laugh at ourselves.

Hannah was our official tour guide at the Chicago Zoo. The zoo was free and a great last activity before we left for the airport.